Know Our Services

Safety Consulting /site inspections

  • We believe a culture of safety, health and environment quality should be self- rooted at all levels in the workplace.
  • Our team is registered with professional bodies such as sacpcmp and saiosh.
  • Our approach is primary focusing on meeting legislation requirements and relevant standards at the same time empowering organizations with the knowledge in order for them to manage safety.
  • Our safety consultants will design & compile workforce health and safety plans, policies, rules, and systems.
  • We conduct risk assessments and design risk management plans.
  • Draw evacuation routes , Do fire/evacuation drills, implementation of signage’s
  • (RISK ASSESSMENTS) improvising productively and quality by identifying challenges.
  • We will also be there to assist in with accident & incident investigations.

Management systems

  • There is high expectations that are placed on employers to limit the exposure to hazards that employees may encounter in their working environment. The regulatory obligations that are placed on an employer, requires that a safety management system be implemented to identify and control the exposure to risks.
  • The safety management system should be designed to meet the business requirements and should as a minimum address the following aspects: Policies, Organisational Structures, Planning and Implementation, Evaluation and Action for Improvement.
  • It is important to note that the effectiveness of a safety management system is directly connected to the continual support and commitment received from management to ensure that the health and safety culture is driven from the top structures of the organisation and that the personal health and safety as well as the operational safety of the business is addressed, thereby reducing the legal liability that the top structure of the organisation is exposed to.
  • Kepus Safety Consulting assists clients by implementing a safety management system in the working environment and recommends the best system of control to mitigate the risks identified

Safety ( SHE ) Files

  • Safety files are critical tools for enabling structures to be safely used.
  • Kepus safety consulting provides all documentation required in terms of the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act & the construction regulations . The safety file must be kept on site and made available to inspectors or principal contractor on request. We will guard each client in terms of Health & Safety matters that need to be addressed on each particular site.
  • We will compile a she document from scratch as per the Health & Safety Specifications & assist until the file is approved . If there is need of any updates we will be available to assist in that regard. We will also keep a back up of your safety file.

Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE)

  • KEPUS Safety Consulting provides a wide range of specialized quality clothing & equipment worn by employees for protecting against health & safety hazards .these includes eye protection, hearing protection, safety shoes, safety hats, reflector jackets, work/canti suits, dust masks & signage’s. we will also assist in choice of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment & Ergonomics. We can also brand your PPE with your company logo/name as per your request.

Safety Trainings

  • Kepus Safety Consultants have a team of facilitators , assessors & moderators who are qualified experienced & competent with interactive classes. All our trainings we both offer theory and practical’s.
  • We believe that one of the ways of reducing incidents and accidents is to empower employees by educating them.
  • We offer printed and bind accredited training material
  • Assessment and moderation based on accredited material
  • Training admiration

Safety Audits

  • Kepus Safety Consulting has a team of qualified and experienced safety Auditors who will be able to assist our clients to comply with the OSH Act and the regulations 2014.
  • Our team of auditors are there to identify potential hazards and assist by drawing control measures to reduce risk.
  • To advise the company the risk involved in plant and measures to be taken to avoid risks to recommend measures
  • To assess the safety standards maintained
  • To identify potential hazards
  • To recommend measures for improving the effectiveness of existing organizations
  • After our Auditors have complied the audit results, we will be there to assist you in areas you failed.

Safety Officers

  • Kepus Safety Consulting has a team of the best Safety Officers who will monitor workplace activities to ensure that workers comply with company policies , the OSH Act and the regulations.
  • our safety officers typically have responsibilities pertaining to policy development, accident / incident investigations, monitor safety files, safety inspections, safety training and compliance with the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration, commonly known as OSHA.
  • Our Safety Officers are placed on sites to assist either the main contractor or Sub contractors with all the documentations and updating the safety file. Safety Officers will be responsible with new employees and visitors inductions, DSTIs, P.P.E monitoring, attend to accidents, write reports , do tool box talks etc.
  • Most of our safety officers are registered with professional bodies such as SACPCMP & SAIOSH .

Volunteer services

  • Safety trainings to students in schools & the community
  • Kepus Safety Consulting believes in giving back especial to the community. We are passionate about helping children and young people that is why we also target pre-schools , primary & secondary schools so we can invest knowledge & bring awareness regarding health & safety. We want to make sure that young people are safe at schools, roads & homes. We also offer free safety inspections to schools to make sure that the students learn in a safe environment.
  • FREE Safety Practical Trainings for Qualified Safety Officers without any experience.
  • We run Free safety practical trainings to all Safety Officers who are qualified but do not have any experience. We have a database of +/- 1000 safety officers who are jobless but qualified . So far we have trained more than 150 Safety officers and so far 11 of them managed to get jobs through our practical trainings. This shows you how passionate we are about safety . Those who will love to pursuit SHEQ as a career we will be there to guide them as mentors. For more information regarding our Free Safety Practical training please follow us on our Facebook page – Kepus Safety Consulting . You can also check us on the National Safety magazine page 32 on the link as follows;…/n…/national-safety-jul-aug-2018